Proofed Results

I notice blank days in your proofed tips. Why?

Blank days can occur when a horse is declared a non-runner after we have posted the tip.

I’m a Free subscriber but do not remember receiving some of your proofed wins.

Our tips for both the Free & PRO services have to be proofed to the same page on Racing Index to ensure a full & transparent representation of our service. For this reason free subscribers will not receive all the tips posted to PRO only subscribers, unless they agree on the selection for that particular day (see separate FAQ for details).


Why do you only accept payments via Instant Bank Transfer?

Because the payments are direct, do not need clearing, and above all have no processing fees which helps us keep prices lower.

Can I have a refund?

If your subscription has not yet started and tips have not been posted, yes no problem at all,

Do you use recurring billing?

No we do not. You pay as you go for all services either on a monthly or annual basis.

What if racing is cancelled or abandoned?

In the event of racing being cancelled or abandoned we will issue you with either a full or partial refund, or a full credit for your next subscription; no questions asked.


If I join the ITV Service during Festivals, will I get a Festival tip?

Yes, you will get the NAP of the day, whilst full ITV subscribers will get a tip for each race.

Do you post tips for every race for ITV subscribers

Yes we do with full staking plan ranging from 1 point to 10 points.

Are your Free tips and Pro Tips always different?

90% of the time, yes. If the two are the same they will be posted as a maximum stakes (10 points) bet.

Do you recommend a staking plan?

Yes, each tip has a recommended stake (measured in points). This can be seen in our proofed results.

Racing Diary

Which festivals do you cover?

We cover all the major UK festivals as listed on our Festivals page, plus some ad hoc meetings as and when they occur.


How long does your tracking cookie last for?

The tracking cookie for affiliates lasts for 1 whole year (365 days) unless manually deleted by the user.

FAQ’s  Last Updated on Feb 6, 2023 @ 2:57

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